Impartiality Policy

Quality Assurance Document


Integrity, Impartiality & Conflict of Interest


The Details below describe the policies in respect to Integrity, Impartiality and Conflict of Interest.

harvardcert and its staff shall not engage in any activities that may cause conflict with their independence, judgments and integrity in relation to their assessment activities.


harvadcert shall provide safeguards within the organization to ensure adequate segregation of responsibilities and accountability, in the provision of assessment services by its organization, assessment process, certification decision by a technical review committee and by continual reference to documented policies, protocols and procedures.


harvadcert assessment activities must remain, and be seen to remain, impartial.


Consultancy or advisory services provided by an associate must never be marketed together with assessment services and there shall be no indication in marketing material (written or oral) to give the impression that the two are linked.


It is the duty of all staff within harvadcert to ensure that no client is given the impression that the use of both consultancy and assessment services would confer an advantage. There should be no suggestion by an assessment body that a successful assessment outcome would be easily achieved or cheaper, if facilitated by the use of any specified consultancy or training services.


All parties who have a legal interest in its operation shall have access to specific information within harvadcert . The procedures, under which harvadcert operates, shall be administered in a non-discriminatory manner.